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Kirchki has been around for more than 25 years and the name is a combination of my last name and my first name.
If you look at the name Kirchki from a purely marketing principle, it is not very good. No one can spell it and few can pronounce it. But I'm actually really happy about the name, because my idea with Kirchki has always been that the focus is on the customer and the products. Not my name, or brand.
That is why I keep myself quite anonymous, because after all, it is the design that it is about. So if you or your company understand what design can do and want to get serious counseling, I look forward to hearing from you.


Kim Kirchhoff

Contact Kirchki

Indertoften 1, 2. 1.
DK-2720 Vanløse

DK-tel: +45 2031 9707

CVR-nr: 28 02 14 61
Jyskebank: 5024 111540-6
IBAN: 135024 000 1115406

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Design Philosophy

Design is about much more than making something look good. Design can tell stories, speak to emotions and create feelings. Design reflects the time we live in and reflects our norms and culture.
But design should not stand alone. Without content, thought and direction, it becomes just an empty shell that loses its function. Therefore it is important to have a vision for what you want to communicate and to whom.
With a strong visual profile, users get a greater pleasure from the product, which extends far beyond practical use. Of course, the design depends on the customer, the product and the target audience, but a visual impression is crucial.

- And there is no point in making design that looks like what all the others have.


Kirchki advises and solves design tasks for a large number of small and medium-sized companies in Denmark and Sweden: