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Design solutions for labels and packaging

The packaging is much more than a good wrap. Of course, it should look good and inviting, but it must also describe the content and lift the products to their full potential. In addition, there may be a wide range of information requirements that need to be met and integrated. So the challenge is often that technology, information and aesthetics goes to a higher whole.

Design and layout

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Packaging design

Kirchki designs visual graphic solutions for packaging, in the field of offset and serigraphy, which bring out the best in the product.

Design of Labels

Kirchki designs labels for products that provide an optimal interaction between packaging and product.

Packaging development

Kirchki advises on the choice of designs and solutions, for the development of packaging and labels for new products.

Design of Packaging and Labels

Kirchki works with visual design solutions for labels and packaging that create awareness and reflect the product content. Design that promises the best in the product while meeting the design requirements for information, quality and style.
Here you can see a few examples of solutions within labels and packaging. See more design solutions at Portfolio

Packaging Design - Kafferisteriet Bønnen

Redesign of GuldMokka coffee blend packaging. The packaging in a light beige tone with a touch of the company's brown logo color, and then of course gold to emphasize the name.

Label design - Understrøm

The Understrøm water series is aimed at the more exclusive restaurants. For the sleek bottle was designed three labels in the variations: Sparkling, Citrus/Sparkling and Oxygen.

Packaging Design - Cosborg Handcare

Design of Cosborg's Handcar Series. The design follows the general design line for Cosborg, but is made with a single blue stripe. The packaging design supports the purity and style of the products.

Label design - Gourmet Collection

The illustration for the labels of dried mushrooms. The design is a collection of different mushrooms in the forest floor and is chosen so that you can have the same design on all the products.

Much more than a wrap