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Marketing and Advertising design

Marketing can be crucial to a product's success. Kirchki designs marketing solutions for print, digital, outdoor and presentations. Our focus is on the visual narrative, which should draw attention to products and companies, regardless of which media is used as advertising platforms.

Design and layout

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Ad design

Kirchki designs and layouts visual ads for use in magazines and newspapers, as well as on digital platforms.

Digital presentation

Kirchki designs presentations for digital marketing, in the form of PowerPoint and PDF, as well as website design.

Outdoor and signage

Kirchki works with design and consulting on exhibition, live presentation, signage and outdoor advertising.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing is about creating awareness for products or business. But it's not always a question of shouting out loud. Sometimes, a quiet whisper in the right place gives a more powerful result. Kirchki works with visual design solutions for advertising and marketing. Design that draws attention on the chosen platform without compromising communication. See more design solutions at Portfolio

Ad design - Gibidyl

The ads for Gibidyl are kept in strict lines, with the reddish-brown tones from the packaging as the color profile throughout the ads. The ads are used in newspapers and magazines.

Display design - Aqua Atesium

Display Signs for use in supermarkets and stores, for Aqua Artesium's water in box product. The sign is triangular so it presents the product from every angle.

Foil Design - Elektroluma

A Company cars are obvious billboards for advertising of products and the company. The design of Elektroluma's cars is kept simple and includes all necessary information.

Exhibition Design - Cosborg

Cosborg's display is designed for the standard exhibition system. The Roll Up is adapted to the Gibidyl series, while the display wall is a general presentation of Cosborg.

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