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Visual communication

Photos and illustrations are effective ways of describing products, techniques or messages, thus creating a visual story. Communication is much more than just words. Messages and moods can also be conveyed through graphics, photos and illustrations. Kirchki works with drawing and photography to create visual illustrations, logos and infographics, for advertisements, on the web, as well as in brochures and catalogs.

Grafik og illustrationer

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Graphics and illustration

Visual communication through graphics, photos and illustrations. Graphic solutions for print and digital platforms.

Photo & optimization

Optimization and customization of photos for ads, packaging and digital media that enhance the visual communication.

Technical visualization

Kirchki designs visualizations for use in technical manuals, product catalogs and sales presentations.

Graphic solutions

Marketing is about creating awareness for its products or business. But it's not always a question of shouting out loud. Occasionally, setting the whisk in the right place can produce a more powerful result. Kirchki works with visual design solutions for advertising and marketing. Design that draws attention at the chosen platform without compromising communication. See more design solutions atPortfolio

Graphical visualization - Elektroluma

Elektroluma provide illuminated signs of all shapes and sizes to customers in Denmark. Kirchki produces the graphic visualizations that illustrate the different sign and facade solutions.

Technical visualization - Combitrade

Combitrading develops solutions for use primarily in the construction industry. The visualizations of these solutions are used for information and sales material.

infographic - Cosborg

For Cosborg ads and information material, Kirchki has made a number of illustrations that describe the products' effect on specific problems.

Photo and illustrations - Denwire

For DenwireRope's website, Kirchki has produced a series of photos of wire structures. And anumber of illustrations have been made for their accessories catalog describing the different product groups.

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